Growing up in an artistic home, the designer Malin Andrén quickly discovered her passion for creating, drawing and sewing. With an Art Director of a father and a seamstress mother, it all came naturally to her. At the age of 24, Malin moved to New York to study fashion. Shortly after graduating, Malin moved to Hong Kong to work for several major Scandinavian fashion brands. This gave her the knowledge of production and she also developed an unstoppable urge to create her own patterns and designs. This resulted in her starting By Malina, a brand which was founded in Stockholm 2010. The goal with the brand was to introduce fashion that she thought was missing in Sweden. Today, By Malina is well known for the use of bright colors and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out in the most amazing way. These designs and patterns breathe the colorful and energetic world that is embodied in by Malina.

By Malina develops own patterns for each season, which breathes the brand and it’s colorful and energetic world. The patterns contribute in making the designs of By Malina’s pieces stand out in the most amazing way and makes every piece unique.









In the fall of 2017 Høyer launched MAUD. Founder Ørnulf Høyer has joined forces with designer Sophie Noel Vanay to create a brand inspired by strong and iconic women. Strong women have at all times defined style. They have inspired and been role models. They have become icons of their time.

Today  influences come from all continents. Styles blend together, and trends change quickly. While we are constantly changing, we seek relationships that are recognizable and that makes sense. Style is no longer defined by trends, but through how you wear a garment and make it yours. Therefore, women want clothing that affects them and which has emotional, historical and physical anchoring. 

Our vision is to create a brand with pieces that stands out in a crowd and which has a true quality. We will create unique but useful clothes that are easy to fall in love with, and that you can return to time after time. Each collection MAUD launches will be inspired by an iconic woman. Through her new combinations of traditional and untraditional materials, and silhouettes of past and present, are created.



We are idealists, seekers, dreamers and hard workers.

We create clothing for women in unique designs and uncompromising quality. It is embedded in our DNA to be curious and always on the lookout for new ways to surprise and innovate, even if it means going against the current. We believe in trying something new, doing things different, and making it your own. Our universe is made up by soft rays of light and striking prints, by vibrant colours and unique patterns. We love art, in all shapes and forms, abstract or figurative.

We are young and on our own. Guided by intuition and will, we take great pride in our independence and enjoy the freedom we have been given, by not following rules or standards. Our team holds distinct dynamic personalities and a high level of professionalism. Copenhagen is our base, but we reach out globally. For inspiration, for new ideas, cultures and friends, CECILIE copenhagen has no other home, than the entire world.  









Deeply rooted in the dualism that comes from an international approach to fashion paired with being rooted firmly in the Danish design tradition, Gomaye is adding thoughtfulness and elegance to women’s wardrobes.

Fabrics, textures, colors and cuts are invited to interact in new and unexpected ways, allowing for styling to be the differentiating factor.

Without a need to follow every trend, Gomaye caters to the woman who invests in pieces she’ll love for more than one season. Still, each collection is a comment on the current vibe; every single piece will lift your look into a statement.



Høst & Vår is a bond between two women; a mother and daughter, women at different stages in their life but with a shared vision and drive, and a connection formed of love and respect. We could say that the daughter is Spring and the mother is Autumn. In 1989 this connection was formed and it has grown from that point into a perfect partnership of understanding and a combined force of equal strength.

The collections feature sustainable Vegan fabrics holding the V-Label certificate. With innovative technology the fibers are regenerated using by-products of cotton production, creating a fabric which has the positive qualities of silk without any cruelty to animals; soft to touch, naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant. The fabrics are toxin free and are kind to both skin and the planet – they are fully biodegradable after two months of soil coverage.









We are a global knitwear brand that uses luxurious cashmere yarns and premium yarn blends to create one-of-a-kind pieces of the highest quality.

Founded in 2009 as the namesake of the owner, our team is based around the world, working together to create coveted collections with signature details through inspiration taken from art, urban landscapes, and cultural references.

Pride in our manufacturing process means we maintain sustainable farming practices that support the well-being of animals and promote the regeneration of grasslands while helping protect the earth’s natural resources.

Through our affiliation with One Sky charity, every garment sold helps to transform the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children and facilitates positive changes in their communities.



Combining creativity and elegance in order to create something extraordinary…This evidence has connected us as sisters always.

The passion for fashion and excitement for unique styles have been exemplified by our beloved mother ever since we were growing up. By founding our own fashion label Lanasia we invite you to share your “embrace being a woman feeling”.

Lanasia celebrates luxury designs to showcase the female form from it’s most powerful side. Our goal is for women to feel absolutely confident, enjoy fashion sense, high quality pieces and ultimately higher attention while wearing Lanasia pieces. Always trendy and up to date are the attributes that bring our styles to life, now and forever.

Made by women, for women.








Núnoo is a Danish bag and accessories brand, founded in 2015, by the sisters Pia Silfen-Jensen and Naja Silfen. It all started in the basement at Pia’s home, where two sisters had a vision of designing and producing high quality bags at an affordable price. The Núnoo universe is based on the sisters’ common interest in fashion, recycling and new colors, styles and qualities. Núnoo creates collections that originate from the idea of the raw look, with a twist of the classic, fine and sporty expression, creating exactly the edge and personality we love.




Our idea was to create a label that would appreciate and honour the precious art of embroidery and those who create them. At the same time, we wanted to place this craftsmanship in a completely new design context.Stefanie and Valerie, the two founders of Manakaa Project, came into contact with the art of Indian bead embroidery through a social project. Back in Berlin, the idea came up to translate this traditional embroidery method into modern, coded patterns.  
Manakaa means “bead or pearl” in Hindi. The appropriate title for a project whose concern is not only the product itself, but also the appreciation of the embroiderers and the fair use of resources.We have therefore spent the last few years sourcing fairly produced materials, searching for reliable partners and creating our designs.








Since its inception, Maison Mollerus has been working with a production facility in Ticino, where the bags, small leather goods and luggage are mainly hand-made. Along with Ticino, its high-quality products are also manufactured in Italy.  Mimi Mollerus sees only advantages in having its production site in Switzerland. If she has an idea for a new bag, she tells the manufacturer her wishes and within a short time she has a prototype in her hands.

Around 200 different handbags, small leather goods and luggage feature in Maison Mollerus' basic range. Twice a year, a new collection extends the offer. The basic range has been almost unchanged for decades, which is also one of the secrets of the company. This gives customers the opportunity to buy the same wallet or their favorite bag even after ten years, for example.

Mimi Mollerus is responsible for the design of the collections. She develops the collections with the support of a designer. It is important to her that the products bear her signature. Each company has its own signature and that of Maison Mollerus is her own, she says. The design does not follow every short-lived trend but is guided by her own feelings.



Founded by Alexandros Tsougkranis and his wife Charikleia in 1975, Haris Cotton is an independent apparel brand, based in Athens. The brand has evolved ever since under the lead of its successors, Kostas and Eva, preserving its philosophy to capture the essence of Greek summer, all year round. Born by the sea, amidst the flora of the Greek landscape, in a place where earth and myth collide, Haris Cotton comes to life.

Inspired by Greek nature, defined by airy styles crafted from natural fabrics and committed to sustainability, this is how our designs are made. All of our garments are made in Greece, designed and produced in-house in Athens.










Ring my Bell was founded in the spring of 2018, by Ania Bauer and Canan Coen. The Smartphone is our constant companion, assistant and communication tool, as well as a prominent accessory. With features such as an impact-resistant case and a stylish strap, it is removed from inside the handbag and to a place that is always within reach. 

Ring my Bell is both a mobile phone case and a piece of jewelry, as fashionably versatile as our wardrobes. Showing some edge: The octagonal protective case and the built-in suspension system constitute the base. Available in different colors and with a mat surface it may be combined with the many different strap designs of Ring my Bell.  Whether you are looking for a leather band, a chain, a para-shoot or suspender, whether your statement is subtle or striking – you can simply change the strap according to style, occasion or weather. The basic model is the starting point – the strap sets the accent. An unmistakable characteristic of ours is the front side, with an interchangeable aluminum plate that offers additional design variations and customized embellishments.


Based on real needs and real experiences, Residus was founded by Elin Mohlander in 2016 with a vision to change the fashion industry. She was later the same year joined by Evalena Jonsson. The idea is to create essential and long-lasting pieces in leftover fabrics, to move away from the quick trends, and to create a sustainable and circular movement. The first drop landed in stores in April 2017, and presents 20 feminine and functional dresses with a sophisticated design.

With the realization that a lot of waste of fabrics is disposed, and with a passionate interest for circular fashion, sustainability, and a strong will to make a change, the company set into motion in early 2016. The most part of the collections are based on left over fabrics and the dresses are produced in various qualities with limited edition. For the garments that we produce in new fabrics we work with a GOTS factory in Portugal that is striving to work sustainable in all possible ways they can with only good materials. It’s season-less garments that will work from day to night, and night to day, for women of different occasions, body types and ages.

Modern life is busy, challenging, exciting. Residus wants to embrace it with passion and respect. We value equality, responsibility and open minds. We cherish quality in everything we do - with substance and truth, we believe that there should be a purpose for every piece we make.









Unmade Copenhagen is a young Danish brand established in Copenhagen in Spring 2016 through a desire to create accessories that inspire and complement women. We have our own design studio were all the prints and artworks are made exclusively for the Unmade Women. We take contemporary designs and make it into our own by rethinking the way to use a fabric or add small details that makes it one of a kind.    

The Unmade look is characterized by the contrasts between the feminine and masculine, vintage, new and sporty styles, blended with signature powerful prints and unique fabrics. Our collections represent a great selection of scarves, bags-both textile and leather, shoes, socks, gloves, hats, kimonos, skirts and dresses, with care.

All, while focusing on making it affordable for you! All our styles are made with great passion for feminine and bold designs, a strong embedded Scandinavian aesthetic and an insistence on absolute perfection, we create genuine designs to complement the beauty of original women.



Utmon es pour Paris is the label behind the iconic Switch bag. An elegant, perfectly thought-out pochette: during the day or while traveling, the flat Switch bag disappears into a larger handbag. When necessary, it becomes a self-contained, luxurious clutch. Women thus always have their most important items with them without constantly having to move things from one bag to another. Utmon es pour Paris stands for modern luxury, combining an elegant, timeless design with smart solutions.

The ‘finishing touch’ , that makes UTMON unique, has a very French twist: rather than tanned leather, all products are scented with a perfume put together especially for Utmon es pour Paris. Wagner commissioned a Parisian perfumer, who created a fragrance for strong, exceptional women, which includes bergamot, lily of the valley, leather and vanilla – Utvoir No. 1. Each Switch bag therefore exudes not only French flair, but also the scent of Paris.

For UTMON ES POUR PARIS, social commitment is also one of the brand’s fundamental values: a partnership exists with ‘Plan International’. Each product supports the work of this renowned child welfare organization and therefore, ultimately, so does each Utmon es pour Paris customer.