AMEN: a clear name, a universal sound, a declaration of intent that goes beyond the geographic constraints. In this way, without hesitations, AMEN interprets the new idea of contemporary luxury, accessible and sought-after at the same time.

A winning combination of craftsmanship, exclusive details and pure creativity, that makes every piece unique and timeless. Jewel embroideries, sartorial manufacturing, as well as state-of-the-art fabrics and a continuous stylistic research, combined with each other in the successful mix that is the signature on every AMEN dress, a refined play between opposites, effectively balancing tradition and innovation.

Interpreting an idea of beauty and elegance that goes beyond the single trend, AMEN speaks to a sophisticated and strong woman, eccentric but ultra-feminine, sensual yet never vulgar. A woman that likes to be the center of attention. And she always does it with style.









The shirt collection by Britt Sisseck has been developed from a long-standing relationship with her clients, understanding their special requirements for both day and evening wear. A choice of stylish blouses and tops proved to be a recurring demand from her customers, which led to the launch of a blouse collection.

Britt Sisseck’s blouses combine classic lines with a careful attention to fit, quality and detail – a merge of the masculine shirt with the feminine blouse, mainly applying the finest Italian cottons and silk.

"I try to provide a shape and style for  all body types in my collection, plus a variation of different  moods."

The different possibilities are numerable since all styles are available in several different fabrics. The result is a highly  personal one, which our clients carefully put together for their individual, professional universe.



At the age of 17 Ines de Seignard de la Fressange became a model and was quickly spotted for her talent, becoming the first French “supermodel” and one of the most famous and successful models in the world, parading the catwalks of worldwide brands such as Christian Dior, Jean- Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and more. 
A muse to Karl Lagerfeld, she was the first model to sign an exclusivity contract with a luxury house by becoming global ambassador of Chanel. Established as a French icon, she was chosen as the face of the Marianne statue, symbol of the Republic. 

Today, Ines de la Fressange continues to be a model, but is also a business woman, a writer and artistic director for her own brand name Ines de la Fressange Paris. Her book “Parisian Chic” (“La Parisienne” in French) was published in seventeen international editions and was sold at over one million copies. Now a cult book, it confirms at what point Ines de la Fressange is THE reference of the XXIst century Parisian. Thanks to her incomparable style, beauty and modernity, she adds a very personal touch of cheerfulness and represents an entire lifestyle.










JUNE BO was established in Paris, France in 2013. The brand never randomly follows the trend, but puts importance on women’s inner development. It helps women to be more stylish and more confident. Staying away from redundant designs clean and neat cut plus high quality material celebrate females’ beautiful silhouettes with a taste of romantic Parisian elegance and class.

June Bo a Chinese French designer grew up in Paris, France. With the deep understanding of elegance and sexiness, June created tons of popular pieces for clientele when she was in charge of her family enterprise. In 2013, she launched her own clothing line under her name in Paris. Based on two main elements: fabric & tailoring, films, music, paintings, sculptures and travelling, everything in daily life inspires her and guides her to skilfully put more thoughts into her unique collections for stylish women. Every piece perfectly combines freshness and passion.




962 °C jewelry is our newest brand that uses raw, minimalistic designs with a Scandinavian touch. Because the brand diversifies between simplistic and playful, there is something in it for every eye. They create handmade jewelry available in the materials sterling silver, oxidized silver and gold-plated silver.

 To make those autumn and winter days a little bit more joyful some colors are added to a selected number of the jewelry collection. 









Schulz by Crowd is a crowd sourced fashion brand with focus on design and print, created for the beautiful, clear Nordic silhouette.

Their unique and democratic ''Design-to-Manufacture " process is based on their community of designers who translate Nordic trends into exciting collections that can be combined into a strong, personal expression.

Furthermore, Schulz by Crowd gives talented designers the opportunity to bring a product to market in their own name, under our label. At Schulz by Crowd they work with sustainability, and with a full GOTs certification, it is their ambition to set high standards for themselves and for our industry. Welcome to our universe of Nordic quality, creativity and fashion!



SHOPYTE is a fashion brand crafting elegant, classic clothing for women who value quality, femininity and sustainability.

"They don't follow short-term trends, support ethical fashion values and create their garments using only the highest quality natural fabrics. From the very first touch on paper to the last stitch of material, they take care of everything by themselves. The passion of the designer was given by her mother, who has been working in this industry for over two decades. Today she is responsible for the quality of their collections. All of them are perfectionists trying to beautify women with original and flawless clothing. 

When designing each collection, they see the unpredictable and dimensional city muse, moving through her day with grace and ease, at work, at play, with herself, with her family... She is comfortable within and has worked hard to be here. ''I create garments that I hope, give women more confidence and presence in their own, unique femininity!"









Veronica B Vallenes is an award winning Norwegian designer. Vallenes’ latest collections have garnered international recognition in magazines such as Vogue,, Dazed & Confused, Glamour, Collezione Donna and SMUG, as well as coverage in high-end scandinavian publications such as Cover, Costume, Elle, Eurowoman, Damernas Värld and Contributor Magazine.

Veronica B. Vallenes has established a distinct signature expression, situated somewhere between classic Nordic simplicity and Parisian elegance. 

The meeting of finest silk and heavy alpaca wool creates an exciting mix of functional yet sensual characteristics of the contemporary Scandinavian wardrobe. 

Her effortlessly cool womenswear is fast gaining the eye of international costumers.



VSP is defined by an innovative history.

One that marries artistic craft with technical evolution.
This creative balance exists within each of the collections.

Our portfolio consists of the VSP mainline, the youthful and
energetic PEACE by VSP, VSP Chalayan; our ongoing
seasonal collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and VESPUCCI by VSP; affordable luxury for the active working women.

Our teams are formed of designers and craftsmen, who achieve
synergy through contrast. The results are tactile collections that
innovate with leather and shearling, weave and knit — mixing
materials to create contemporary forms.