AMEN: a clear name, a universal sound, a declaration of intent that goes beyond the geographic constraints. In this way, without hesitations, AMEN interprets the new idea of contemporary luxury, accessible and sought-after at the same time.

A winning combination of craftsmanship, exclusive details and pure creativity, that makes every piece unique and timeless. Jewel embroideries, sartorial manufacturing, as well as state-of-the-art fabrics and a continuous stylistic research, combined with each other in the successful mix that is the signature on every AMEN dress, a refined play between opposites, effectively balancing tradition and innovation.

Interpreting an idea of beauty and elegance that goes beyond the single trend, AMEN speaks to a sophisticated and strong woman, eccentric but ultra-feminine, sensual yet never vulgar. A woman that likes to be the center of attention. And she always does it with style.









Andiata was established in 1986 in Helsinki, Finland. Since day one, their design team’s vision has been to design feminine and stylish quality clothes with a timeless appeal. For both, business and pleasure.

Andiata’s clothes are created for the modern woman, a trendy look that allows you to be both beautiful and comfortable at the same time on all occasions. Andiata’s recognizable fashion touch, clean feminine cuts and excellent fits attract women of all ages.

Andiata has been awarded with the most prestigious awards in the Finnish fashion industry: the Gloria Fashion Award in 1998 and the Golden Hanger by the Finnish Fair Corporation in 2002. In 2011, the company’s founder, Tarja Rantanen, was awarded with the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award. Andiata has also been granted the Strongest in Finland Platinum Award 2007-2017 with an AAA-credit rating.




The essence of travel is captured through design in the whimsical collection of CRISTINA RAMELLA ®.  Sparked by wanderlust, her jewelry reflects the cities, cultures, and unknown parts of the world that evoke fascination and desire to live outside the lines. 

Classic and elegant, this luxury brand stands apart in its ability to capture the essence of a free spirit.  To own a CRISTINA RAMELLA ® piece symbolizes endless curiosity and a love for what this world can give if you just open yourself up to it. 

CRISTINA RAMELLA®’s spirit, like the traveler’s heart, has no boundaries. 










Diarte is a knitwear focussed brand established in 2010, based in Madrid, where all design and production is made. The brand follows strong convictions towards ethics and social consciousness. (read more here) 

The brand is loyal to tradition and craftsmanship techniques, and selects high-end Italian yarns to present #trueknitwear collections that can last season after season. Elevated basics and modern silhouettes are key to create quality and effortless collections.

Heritage knits and modern art are a constant inspiration for the brand which represents an easy and contemporary style for city girls who pursue a natural way of showing their femininity.

Today Diarte designs can be found in designer boutiques in more than 15 countries worldwide.




Iben is strong and modern. She represents a girl that treasures an effortless way of dressing cool. Comfortable, clean, androgynous hinted pieces of high quality that are wearable and easily defines her style. Inspired by journeys, urban living and vintage nostalgia. Iben dares to dress the way her mood dictates, not obsessing over common norms and rules.

Entrepreneur – Anh-Marthe Storheil – who’s also the founder of Storheil Agency and Støy Retail, has with her innovative thinking and commercial awareness created a brand with a strong DNA. A DNA you want to relate to.

 “Iben is strong, ambitious, social and playful. She represents a person who easily fascinates and inspires you.”










JUNE BO was established in Paris, France in 2013. The brand never randomly follows the trend, but puts importance on women’s inner development. It helps women to be more stylish and more confident. Staying away from redundant designs clean and neat cut plus high quality material celebrate females’ beautiful silhouettes with a taste of romantic Parisian elegance and class.

June Bo a Chinese French designer grew up in Paris, France. With the deep understanding of elegance and sexiness, June created tons of popular pieces for clientele when she was in charge of her family enterprise. In 2013, she launched her own clothing line under her name in Paris. Based on two main elements: fabric & tailoring, films, music, paintings, sculptures and travelling, everything in daily life inspires her and guides her to skilfully put more thoughts into her unique collections for stylish women. Every piece perfectly combines freshness and passion.



VSP is defined by an innovative history.

One that marries artistic craft with technical evolution.
This creative balance exists within each of the collections.

Our portfolio consists of the VSP mainline, the youthful and
energetic PEACE by VSP, VSP Chalayan; our ongoing
seasonal collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and VESPUCCI by VSP; affordable luxury for the active working women.

Our teams are formed of designers and craftsmen, who achieve
synergy through contrast. The results are tactile collections that
innovate with leather and shearling, weave and knit — mixing
materials to create contemporary forms.