Growing up in an artistic home, the designer Malin Andrén quickly discovered her passion for creating, drawing and sewing. With an Art Director of a father and a seamstress mother, it all came naturally to her. At the age of 24, Malin moved to New York to study fashion. Shortly after graduating, Malin moved to Hong Kong to work for several major Scandinavian fashion brands. This gave her the knowledge of production and she also developed an unstoppable urge to create her own patterns and designs. This resulted in her starting By Malina, a brand which was founded in Stockholm 2010. The goal with the brand was to introduce fashion that she thought was missing in Sweden. Today, By Malina is well known for the use of bright colors and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out in the most amazing way. These designs and patterns breathe the colorful and energetic world that is embodied in by Malina.

By Malina develops own patterns for each season, which breathes the brand and it’s colorful and energetic world. The patterns contribute in making the designs of By Malina’s pieces stand out in the most amazing way and makes every piece unique.









Launched in Fall 2014, BRITT SISSECK is a women's ready-to-wear collection, specialized in women’s high end shirts and blouses, that finds confidence in contrasts of masculine and feminine, strength and softness, structure and fluidity, classic and modern. Each piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements, while embodying a signature sensuality and ease.

BRITT SISSECK does not conform to particular season and each blouse is designed for timeless relevance. Every season may carry a print or two which defines the particular season, and seasonal pieces appear in every collection,

but the essence and core of the brand is that the newness of the collection is that there is nothing new about it. We want to convey a trust in the product, and for the end consumer to know and understand that we have developed the best possible version of a blouse to match their personal demand.



We are idealists, seekers, dreamers and hard workers.

We create clothing for women in unique designs and uncompromising quality. It is embedded in our DNA to be curious and always on the lookout for new ways to surprise and innovate, even if it means going against the current. We believe in trying something new, doing things different, and making it your own. Our universe is made up by soft rays of light and striking prints, by vibrant colours and unique patterns. We love art, in all shapes and forms, abstract or figurative.

We are young and on our own. Guided by intuition and will, we take great pride in our independence and enjoy the freedom we have been given, by not following rules or standards. Our team holds distinct dynamic personalities and a high level of professionalism. Copenhagen is our base, but we reach out globally. For inspiration, for new ideas, cultures and friends, CECILIE copenhagen has no other home, than the entire world.  










The young designer launched her ready to wear line in 2016 with the idea of creating a sustainable and cosmopolitan label for women rooted in the finest fabrics. She made that possible thanks to a conscious sourcing approach and partnerships with family workshops in Europe. French, Cameroonian, Polish and Belgian, Floriane is always on the move and ready for a new travel, a new adventure. The designer revamps the traditional meaning of French-girl style while turning the traditions of French haute couture into a conscious fashion label.

After studying luxury marketing at EMLYONBusiness School and design at the London Fashion School of Central St. Martin’s, Fosso worked in New York alongside the industry’s leading fashion designers. Soon after, while studying conscious fashion and advising in Shanghai as a luxury advisor for JC Decaux, Fosso found inspiration from living in the bustling city and began a blog where she shared her first designs. The interest for her designs formed the genesis and energy to create her own label.

Based in Paris, she carefully upcycles quality materials from haute couture houses in France and Italy, she also uses natural and organic fabrics. Upcycling also means limited available quantities! Indeed, Floriane is using what's left of the high-end fabrics taken from Haute Couture Houses but it means that the quantity is limited. What is more attractive that limited quantities? You don't want to miss the opportunity to acquire these rare pieces and differentiate yourself!



Launched in 2017 by two friends, Marta Valtovirta and Jukka Puljujärvi, these two fashion professionals and ex-colleagues wanted to create something pure and long-tasting.

Inspired by the wilderness of Lapland, the diversity and phenomena of arctic nature, Hálo wants to share the beauty of nordics through every product - people to experience, feel and sense the soul of Hálo. This strongly reflects in material choices, shades of colors, different  structures and unique prints designed by Hálo.









At 17, Ines de Seignard de la Fressange started modeling and quickly became part of the famous and worldly known top models, walking on international runways for the biggest luxury houses such as Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent and many more. Model and muse of Karl Lagerfeld, she becomes the ambassador of Maison Chanel and the first model to ever sign an exclusivity contract with a luxury brand. She then became a French icon and her face is selected to become the new Marianne, symbolic of the French Republic. 

Nowadays, Ines is still a Model and also a Designer, a business woman and a writer. She is currently the Ambassador of the Parisian luxury house Roger Vivier as well as the Art Director of her eponymous brand Ines de la Fressange Paris. Her book “Parisian Chic” has been published in 17 languages and has been sold over one million copies. Now become cult, this book shows how much Ines de la Fressange the ultimate Parisian reference of the XXIst century. 
Indeed, Ines represents the whole lifestyle, a sweet mix of happy luxury and a bohemian spirit, recognized all over the wold...




So simple, so alive, so beautiful. A piece of Louise Kragh jewelry has its very own glow which is being enhanced when putted on your finger, around your wrist or neck, or as an elegant greeting on your ear.

The jewelry is made in materials chosen with great care. Louise Kragh only use Sterling silver 925 and all gold platings are of high quality. The materials are continuously tests and obey the hard, Danish demands. Furthermore, Louise ApS is a member of Ædelmetalkontrollen (noble metal control) in Denmark.

The jewelry is designed and produced at the workshop in Denmark and is sold in Danish as well as international fashion-, jewelry-, and interior shops. The jewelry is released in two annual collections. The style goes from the elegant and colorful to the more raw and simple jewelry design.








Rich, floral motifs and modern takes on timeless silhouettes are second nature to Danish-born Malene Oddershede Bach. Now based in London, Malene draws inspiration from both the natural world she grew up with as well as the bustle of London. Juxtaposing overtly feminine features with harder, more tomboyish details, her collections harmoniously marry two conflicting worlds. The result is timeless contemporary feminine clothing.

Developed a stone’s throw away from the banks of Lake Como, Italy, our signature floral fabrics are designed by us each season and developed with a family-run mill who specialize in creating the finest jacquard weave fabrics. These highly textured yet hardy and easy to care for fabrics mean our garments are luxurious, light and wearable. Quality is paramount. Each garment is designed, developed, cut and made in London.

With the brand stocked in stores worldwide, Malene Oddershede Bach has continued to build an influential fan base, with wearers of the brand including Claudia Schiffer, Martha Ward, Natalie Dormer, Diana Agron, Eleanor Tomlinson, Heida Reed, Gemma Chan and Rose Leslie.



Núnoo is a Danish bag and accessories brand, founded in 2015, by the sisters Pia Silfen-Jensen and Naja Silfen. It all started in the basement at Pia’s home, where two sisters had a vision of designing and producing high quality bags at an affordable price. The Núnoo universe is based on the sisters’ common interest in fashion, recycling and new colors, styles and qualities. Núnoo creates collections that originate from the idea of the raw look, with a twist of the classic, fine and sporty expression, creating exactly the edge and personality we love.









Schulz by Crowd is a crowd sourced fashion brand with focus on design and print, created for the beautiful, clear Nordic silhouette.

Their unique and democratic ''Design-to-Manufacture " process is based on their community of designers who translate Nordic trends into exciting collections that can be combined into a strong, personal expression.

Furthermore, Schulz by Crowd gives talented designers the opportunity to bring a product to market in their own name, under our label. At Schulz by Crowd they work with sustainability, and with a full GOTs certification, it is their ambition to set high standards for themselves and for our industry. Welcome to our universe of Nordic quality, creativity and fashion!



A creative path through ever-changing geographic latitudes to translate the charm of visionary landscapes in timeless pieces of clothing. The “Stefania Esse” collections tell about the beauty of nature which tints the most different places, celebrating the authenticity and rareness of natural elements, symbols of endless source of life.

A tale that starts from a renewed interpretation of an iconic garment: the cape. A cult in the fashion world, the main element -- along with extra large scarves and oversize kaftans -- of a limited collection made up of classic pieces, yet with a metropolitan flavour. A line where loose and embracing shapes are dominant, which doesn’t follow any season or trend, but rather creates from scratch a new, non-classifiable identity.

Its fulfillment is the result of a joint effort and overlap between art and fashion, between handicraft and innovation. This synergy is really highlighted by the use of precious materials, such as cashmere and silk, enriched by “made in Italy” embroidery.









Established in the year 1991, Senada* was founded by Chanita Preechawitayakul. She has always had the love and appreciation for vintage clothes and thus has them as collectibles. From this passion and appreciation grows the brand that is full of sophistication, femininity, as well as novelty. The brand draws from ordinary elements of everyday life and culture and transforms it into something new. This makes Senada*’s woman, someone who is daring in a way that she knows how to mix and match pieces from the brand along with her own pieces to reflect her mood and character, exerting confidence and individuality.

Senada* introduces couture-like and upscale collections that features the finest materials and exquisite details. Each collection has its own unique twist, however are based on the same fundamental elements of having neat, lady-couture-like details in both cuttings and material. With all of these elements, Senada* is the brand that stands for practical sophistication, femininity and street glamour. 



The story of WtR begins in the early 1900’s when three generations of the Kocali family moved from the Baltic Countries to the city of Kars in North Eastern Turkey. It was here, where they would settle into a new life, dedicated to land and livestock, they worked laboriously as farmers. After a generation of settling into Kars, the Kocali family decided, once again to pack up the few possessions they accumulated along the years and venture to the city of dreams, Istanbul.

With over 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Aster decided to dive into their most ambitious endeavour and build a brand. It was out of extensive conversations and brainstorming that WtR was born. Aster’s vision was to create a contemporary lifestyle brand with a strong sense of luxury, inspired by the contrast between structure and spontaneity, embracing effortless dressing with design-led sophistication. With accumulated experience delivering quality craftsmanship, designing exciting product and developing end product, the Kocali family joined forces once again to create the Luxury Womenswear and Homeware brand, WtR. The experience the Aster family aimed to portray was one of indulgence and desirability using premium materials and timeless design, conceptual construction with a strong focus on excellence in quality. Every garment has been carefully constructed around every woman’s wardrobe essentials with the ability to carry over effortlessly from day to night.