Growing up in an artistic home, the designer Malin Andrén quickly discovered her passion for creating, drawing and sewing. With an Art Director of a father and a seamstress mother, it all came naturally to her. At the age of 24, Malin moved to New York to study fashion. Shortly after graduating, Malin moved to Hong Kong to work for several major Scandinavian fashion brands. This gave her the knowledge of production and she also developed an unstoppable urge to create her own patterns and designs. This resulted in her starting By Malina, a brand which was founded in Stockholm 2010. The goal with the brand was to introduce fashion that she thought was missing in Sweden. Today, By Malina is well known for the use of bright colors and patterns, that contributes to making the designs and pieces stand out in the most amazing way. These designs and patterns breathe the colorful and energetic world that is embodied in by Malina.

By Malina develops own patterns for each season, which breathes the brand and it’s colorful and energetic world. The patterns contribute in making the designs of By Malina’s pieces stand out in the most amazing way and makes every piece unique.









Hunkydory was founded in 1996 by the design couple Ulrika and Christopher Bjercke. They wanted to develop a brand with a personal aesthetic, inspired by rock ‘n’ roll and bohemian fashion, as much as classic elegance — a style DNA that is just as important for the brand today. In 2012 Hunkydory received “The Golden Button” (Guldknappen) and the brand has been internationally renowned in the fashion industry. The core of Hunkydory is exclusive, quality products with a cool and relaxed style, produced responsibly.

The urban Hunkydory woman is above the age of 25 and is interested in — and always up-to-date on — fashion, culture and news. Even though she always knows what’s trending, she is confident in her style and goes her way if the current trend doesn’t suit her. She always makes conscious decisions in terms of both style, quality and sustainability.

We are a responsible brand, always striving to make sustainable choices and high-qual- ity products. Combined with inspiration from eternal icons and a style that never goes out of fashion we create designs that last. Placed in a contemporary context, where we always stay up-to-date on everything that we live by, we are creating a world of our own. We call it The Lasting Contemporary.



FINE COPENHAGEN is a Danish brand aiming to create pieces bringing out the best in each woman. Since 2008, we have created timeless collections with unique details inspired by nature, the people surrounding us and the connection between art and fashion. Our most important vision is to create pieces that can be worn every day by every woman suiting her with confidence.

FINE COPENHAGEN is driven by a small and dedicated team, which is always developing our brand and our designs for the better. We want to create uniqueness, beautiful silhouettes and pieces with a finger touch of our DNA. 









Deeply rooted in the dualism that comes from an international approach to fashion paired with being rooted firmly in the Danish design tradition, Gomaye is adding thoughtfulness and elegance to women’s wardrobes.

Fabrics, textures, colors and cuts are invited to interact in new and unexpected ways, allowing for styling to be the differentiating factor.

Without a need to follow every trend, Gomaye caters to the woman who invests in pieces she’ll love for more than one season. Still, each collection is a comment on the current vibe; every single piece will lift your look into a statement.



Founded in 1995, Autumn Cashmere has built easy-chic, laidback styles that goes above and beyond the standard in quality and style. A household name that is fluent in the texture and softness of pure cashmere – once you wear it, you’ll return time and time again for another one of our feel-good, skin-on-skin comfy pieces; you’ll be on cloud nine, we’ll bet on it.

Autumn Cashmere is available at the top retailer and e-tailer stores around the world such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Revolve, Nordstrom, Marcus Lemonis, and more. From large to humble boutiques with our cashmere magic in North America, Canada, Europe, and Japan.








Margot Bardot is a jewellery brand that focuses on sophisticated pieces for the elegant modern woman. Through feminine and affordable designs we want to inspire and empower women to stand out. We bet on an elegant approach with a touch of boldness. Following trends, we scout and establish our own collections which are constantly growing. The goal of Margot Bardot is to design small treasures for all women with a daily dose of luxury. We owe our reputation to strong collaborations with leading magazines and influencers. On a daily basis influencers are spotted on Instagram featuring our jewellery. Our items regularly shine in sections of Vogue, Grazia, Elegance Magazine and Elle.


Love Lolita is for the free spirits, sun seekers and dream chasers.

Inspired by the need for luxe bohemian, chic and feminin pieces, offering everyday and statement pieces that are current and timeless.

The two best friends, Alethe Marie Helten and Marte Madeleine Mosand, have worked together in the fashion business for seven years running their own fashion agency and fashion store. After years of searching for the perfect affordable dresses, they decided to launch Love Lolita in 2019.








Founded by Philippa Thackeray and Kelly Townsend, award-winning British brand PAPER encapsulates cool, contemporary luxe with women's RTW, swim and resort offerings. With relaxed easy-to-wear pieces, PAPER is a wardrobe staple for the modern woman, offering key versatile pieces that can be combined into the ultimate easy-statement look.

'Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good' is our personal mantra at PAPER. We are advocates for a positive and sustainable fashion industry, where style and a clear conscience can co-exist.

PAPER has been a recipient of the British Fashion Council's contemporary award two seasons in a row and was short listed for the British Fashion Trust last year. The brand is currently stocked in some of the world's best luxury retailers including Selfridges, Le Bon Marche , Luisa Via Roma and Saks.

PAPER believes in the transformative power of colourful clothing - 'Colour is a power that directly influences the soul'. We believe through our bright colourful clothes we can promote a positive state of mind.



Odd Molly’s award-winning design encourages women of all ages to feel and be their best selves. The clothes are celebrated for high quality, colour, pattern, natural materials and lots of details made by hand.

Today Odd Molly is sold all around the world but the story all began as a tribute to one girl, a skater girl called Molly in Venice Beach back in the 80s. Breaking with convention and following her heart, she became Odd Molly’s constant muse, whose love for life lives on in every step the brand takes.

Odd Molly will always be inspired by, and fight for more Mollys in the world.








Brother and sister Mila and Pedro García are the third generation to lead this family shoe-making firm. Mila holds the CEO post, while Pedro is the brand’s creative director. They took over the reins from their father, who was also named Pedro García, as was their grandfather, who founded the firm in 1925.  The company is now counting more than 120 employees and selling in nearly 40 countries across the world.

All the brand’s shoes are made at its own factory, located where the family firm was founded, and where it remains to this day: Elda, a town with a long tradition of shoe-making, in the Mediterranean region of Alicante.

Every phase of production can be closely monitored by the company’s creative directors, which is what makes their unique design process possible. The combination of the designers’ talent and the skilled hands of the artisans turns the factory into a genuine “design laboratory,” where experimentation continues until the perfect aesthetic solution is found.


With Tinas mindset to always be professional, curious, and look for new exciting opportunities, creating Treasure Atelier Copenhagen has been a dream come trough. With her knowledge and experience within in the industry, Tina realized that the most important investment in a woman’s wardrobe is long lasting pieces. Quality styles made with focus on being as sustainable as possible and very important non-seasonal. Focus is also higher mark up for retailers – and not compromising on quality.

The first collection (collection 1) is a 7 piece cashmere collection. Focused on long-term fashion items, working across all seasons – 12 months a year, aspiring to fit perfectly in every womans basic wardrobe essentials and be among her favorite stable pieces.

The second collection (collection 2) – is a 9 piece shirt collection in white and light blue – your go to shirt in the closet – made in Egyptian cotton – and will last forever – also working across all seasons. The third collection (collection 3) is a 18 piece sport/fashion collection – the perfect styles to complete a look in a sporty way – detailed sweatshirts in bamboo fabric – Egyptian cotton t-shirts with fresh look – and the waterproof nylon fabric that keeps you dry – and not to forget your everyday legging in soft stretch fabric.








Our mission is to oufit vibrant lives with clothes and accessories that make use dream, lift us up, let us play, put us at ease and free us to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Today, our Roller Rabbit makes everything from ready-to-wear, accessories, bedding and, of course, our iconic sleepwear. 

We are a feel-good company. We strive to feel good by finding the joy in life. To us, it's the journey not the destination. We believe feeling good is something to strive for in every area and season of life. It's our mission to find the magic in every moment. While we resonate with many things, to us, fun, vibrancy and togetherness are the pillars of a feel-good life that represent how we see the world, and how our community sees itself.


C.Nicol is an award-winning, contemporary British accessories label creating luxury leather handbags, led by founder and designer, Cathleen Nicol. 

Founded in 2015, the C.Nicol aesthetic is always graceful, structured and uncluttered. Sourcing the finest materials and highest quality manufacturing are both loyal to the brand’s ethos.

Each bag is hand-cut, sewn and finished by a team of specialized craftsmen, led by a chief maker who has been creating handbags for some of Britain’s top leather brands for 20 years. In 2016, C.Nicol took home one of the top prizes for design at the IHDA awards in New York – an annual program for international handbag designers, and was tipped as ‘one of the British bag designers you need to know now’ by Kate Finnigan, former Fashion Features Director of Stella magazine.









WASHOLOGI means the study of laundry and is a Swedish brand with a wide selection of sustainable garment care by founder and "laundry guru" Viktoria Widengren. Tailor made products, manufactured with care and accuracy on the west coast of Sweden. 

In the light of refurnishing our house, I discovered that the laundry room was in need of a serious facelift. In consequence, I also wanted to level up on my washing products, preferably both biodegradable and nicer looking. That was when I spotted the gap.
The entire fashion industry is in an intensive changing phase, and the old-fashioned "wear-and-tear" mentality appears further away than ever. The concept of "slow fashion" has come to stay. 

Awareness among consumers, regarding materials and climate impact, is on the rise. An increasing share of consumers now opt for better, more sustainable material over cheaper alternatives. Therefore, we are happy to introduce WASHOLOGI and its sustainable garment care says Viktoria. Fashion will never be sustainable if we don't care accordingly and extending the lifecycle of the garments. It is truly inspiring to give people the opportunity to try out, and invest in more delicate and premium materials, since now, there's also a cleaning solution to be used for your own laundry. 



WEAT was founded by Nina Sieber in 2017 in the fast paced Hong Kong with the goal create the perfect handbag for the multifaceted lifestyle of the young women of the world. Drawing on her years of experience in work, play and travel, Nina saw a huge gap in the handbags market for cute and stylish, yet high quality bags – a label that would speak to the millennial generation of powerful women while not breaking the bank.

This is how the iconic toast bag was born – the signature bag of the brand. Just big enough for the essentials and adjusting itself to their globetrotting ways with ease, You can dance to your hearts content, shop hands free and sprint through the airport terminal in style as – thanks to its unique triangle clip – it can make an effortless transition between clutch, cross-body bag, belt bag and clip-on mini for a stylish take on ‘bag-on-bag’.

The unique design has charmed a growing number of influencers, actresses and other celebrities into falling in love with the brand.  In a short time, the quirky label has earned a cult following from the fashion industry and can be found on the arm of girl bosses and featured in magazines like ELLE, Vogue, etc.