Founder & Owner

Michelle started chasing her dream at the age of 17 by talking herself into the major Fashion Shows in Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Jakarta. At the time she had just founded her company Supongo Estilo and worked as a freelance stylist, model, editor and blogger. It was pure passion and an exceptional interest in fashion that drove her into this scene. She sees fashion as the way to express her inner soul.

Her exceptional international network of inspirational people around the globe all have one interest in common: Fashion! She has worked together with renowned brands, magazines, famous models and photographers.

With the NAIM Agency she connects high quality international brands with local retailers.




Creative Director

With a strong aesthetic identity Celestino has dedicated his creativity and vision over the past fifteen years to leading international Fashion Companies. During these years he has buildup a strong capacity to develop the whole creative process through; research, concept, design development to campaign's concept.

He conveys a unique visual language trough inspirational visual layouts, brainstorm and creative workshops. But even so important through his skill of sketching.

His global Fashion vision on different levels of the market adds value to NAIM Agency on daily basis.

Celestino holds a BA (Hons) from London College of Fashion (LCF) and worked as a creative Trend / Concept manager for MANGO and WE Fashion.





Sales Manager

Rachelle is an ambitious sales and marketing professional with a passion for fashion. From an early age she has always been fascinated by the latest fashion trends and how one can implement these trends into the Dutch fashion industry. Rachelle sees fashion as a combination of art and business. "It's movement, design and marketing all in one. It shows the world who we are, who we'd like to be, but it is also about thriving business."

She started her career as a sales advisor for Tommy Hilfiger. After that she gained relevant experience working in several high-end fashion stores and latest as an e-commerce marketeer for Cosmenta. Today she is fully focusing on executing the business development strategies of NAIM Agency from her heart.

Rachelle has studied marketing & communication. 




PR Manager

Tarisha is an ambitious PR and Marketing manager intrigued by fashion. Her curiosity in fashion all started with the fascination of the styles from her traditional Indian background and the multicultural fashion elements from her hometown.

She moved to Europe to pursue her wanderlust of the world and for the international business environment, in the field of communication, pr and marketing with the focus being on the fashion world. When she started in the fashion industry, she discovered that she was not only interested in the PR & Marketing, but that she was also intrigued by the styling and photoshoot aspects of the fashion industry.

Fashion for her is a combination of personal expression, passion and art. She is intrigued by the continuously evolving business world of fashion.




Finance Director

Lars is the MD and founder of Altech Partners a consultancy company that specializes in business development and marketing strategies for alternative asset managers.

For the last ten years he has been combining his commercial insight and entrepreneurial skills in the investment management industry. Earlier in his career he was responsible for marketing and sales strategies within several commercial companies.

As an advisor to NAIM Agency he helps building the company with his business acumen and strategic advice. Lars holds a B.Com from Zuyd University of Applies Sciences.